I’m a writer.

There, I said it out loud.

As a kid growing up with five siblings in a two bedroom Brooklyn apartment, escape was impossible. No privacy. No quiet. No space of my own (I was seven years old before I got my own bed.). The neighborhood wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t Mayberry, either. The only consistently safe place to go was inside a good story.

We did without a lot, but not without books. Even as an adult, I search out used copies of my favorite picture books and often reread them. They haven’t lost their magic. It’s because of those great books that I decided to write picture books of my own.

Like the rest of you, I discovered that writing and being published is much more difficult than I ever realized. To add to that difficulty, I learned that many publishers and agents won’t touch a picture book story that rhymes, involves talking animals, or (gasp!) has a moral. Makes me wonder if they’ve ever met a child or been one themselves.

Being a rule breaker of the first water, I write stories that contain rhyme, animals talk to one another, and in the end, the bad guy gets what’s coming to him. All of this means my chances of ever seeing my work on a library shelf are pretty much nil.

I won’t say being published doesn’t matter to me, or that it’s all about the art. Nonsense. Of course I want to be published, but I can’t write something I don’t love. Unable to find a market for my work, I’ve decided I will post some of it here. I’ll also tell you about my writing process, my ups, and my downs. I hope you’ll share your experiences as well.

For all the little ones out there who need a trip to the forest, who want to eavesdrop on animals, or find a hero to admire, these stories are for you.


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