Can I Make A Phone Call With This Thing?

Why don’t we have doorbells that make a knock-knock sound instead of ding-dong? The technology makes no sense. I mean, people were knocking on doors long before anyone rigged a bell outside their door, right?

A hundred years ago, few people had telephones. People wrote letters. If it was urgent, they sent a telegram. But as more people acquired telephones, those without became socially isolated. Eventually, anyone without a phone was considered odd. Until last week, I happily got along with a simple flip-style cell phone. Had it for years. Gradually, the technology surpassed what my phone was capable of and I couldn’t even access the internet to check the weather. I figured it was no big deal. I seldom used the phone for anything but phone calls. I was finally forced to join the rest of America when my brother sent me a text from his smart phone and it took me half an hour to respond. Click-click-I, click-click-m, click-click-n. You get the idea. For a person who can type 114 words per minute, that amounts to waterboarding. People would send me emails and wonder why I didn’t respond on the weekend. Plans were made and changed, and I was blissfully unaware. Everyone was talking but me. I had become socially isolated.

Now I have a smart phone with far too many features. I can text, check the news, post on Facebook, and read and send emails. It’s a damn PC with an irritatingly short battery life. Yeah, I know. There’s an app that will extend the battery life. Logical woman that I am, it occurs to me that saving power should be an automatic function and not one you have to download. It does take great pictures, though. If I could figure out how to transfer them from point A to point B, I’d be making serious progress. Don’t try to help me figure it out, I will only make you cry.

One thing I do like is the memo function. I can jot down story ideas anytime. But to be honest, I’m keeping the little notebook I’ve been carrying around for years. I don’t have to plug it in.


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  1. The Crazy Crone
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 17:02:08

    I don’t have a smart phone, I just don’t need it here in North Cyprus, and I loathe the way people just walk around with their heads in a smartphone – so unsociable.


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