Just As I Thought!

Putting the draft of that story in print really made its flaws obvious. In fact, it was so glaringly awful I felt compelled to type “first very rough draft” at the top of the page.  Anne Lamott expresses the fear that someone will find her first draft and read it before she has a chance to make any revisions, thereby convincing them that she’s a terrible writer. (By the way, if you haven’t read Bird by Bird, get a copy immediately; but finish reading this post first.)

As I explained in my last post, you have to get something down, no matter how choppy, or you won’t have anything to revise.  I did all that a few days ago and instantly knew I had a very long way to go, but the direction was clear.  After wrestling with this story for so long, I finally have that sense of having slipped into the proper groove.  You know the feeling.

Now, if I sit still for too long, the thyroid disease makes me nod off, so I decided to lie down.  Out of nowhere, I had an idea for the story that involved an alligator and a string of pearls. No time to explain, but it brought the plot into focus and my draft was quickly marked up with new ideas.  Unfortunately, the revision may require that I ditch the line and title that I began with and that sparked the initial idea for the story. I think someone called that “killing your darlings”.  No biggie. I can put those aside and use them another time and in the right groove.

Right now, the main character talks too much, the people around her need to say something, and I need to figure out where to put that alligator.

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