I’m On A Roll!

Day two of my new writing schedule went very well. Worked out some of the rhyming dialogue for the main character (required some rewriting and new lines) and managed to find a place for that alligator.

Funny how you can do so well with the same routine for so long and suddenly find yourself in a rut. I’ve just shifted my writing time to weekday mornings and set my clock for 5 am instead of 6 am. Pretty simple fix. Nothing wrong with my creativity at all. Just needed a change.

FYI, I changed the sidebar on my blog so the categories are listed at the top. Rhymes for Children is self-explanatory (more to come in that category). Stories are some of the picture book stories I’ve written, as well as a couple of true stories from my childhood (The Riot on 17th Street and I’ll Only Ride a Blue Bike). Uncategorized posts are just regular blog posts like this one. Hope that makes it easier to sample the writing goods, as it were.

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