The Year of the Writing Bitch

My printer bit the dust and I had to spend money I don’t have for a new one. I use it for the day job as well as the writing, so I guess I can write it off as a business expense. We’ll see what my nice tax lady says.

I break into a sweat any time I have to do something with technology, so installing a new printer is a draining experience. It would help if I started out by reading the English side of the instructions, I suppose.

I thought I would start the new year off by doing something positive for myself, as a writer. My first use of my new printer would not be for the hated day job. The first thing I printed was a copy of the manuscript I’m shopping around, along with a nice cover letter. My first official act of 2015 was to send a story out to a publisher. And I picked a big name. What the hell, may as well shoot for those stars. Big publisher or small, a rejection is a rejection; and the brief sense of crushing defeat won’t vary one bit, regardless of the letterhead on which it is printed. But there could be a HUGE difference between being accepted by a big publisher over a small one.

As you can see, I’m awash with optimism this morning. A shiny new printer will do that to a person, especially when it’s quiet and it’s easy to change the ink.

I also spent a little time in the shower this morning imagining myself as a successful author, interviews and all. I seem to think best when the water is running. I’m an absolute genius when I have a sink full of dirty dishes. My interviews were brilliant, by the way. I would say you should’ve been there, but I was naked at the time. Hubby would not approve.

I will admit to being rather unproductive in 2014 when it came to sending manuscripts out. Not this year. If there is one thing I have resolved to do in 2015, it’s to be aggressive about submitting my work. Forget everything else. This year, I’m going to be a little bit selfish and push hard for what I want. I’m not going to be intimidated out of making multiple submissions. This is business for me as well as for the publishers/agents, and my time is valuable. It isn’t like asking two guys to the prom at the same time. My writing time is still limited by the financial need to work a lot of hours at the day job, but I have several completed manuscripts that I haven’t given a fair chance to be seen. I’ve neglected them and thus, my dreams. Not this year.

2015–the year of the Writing Bitch.

Join me.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kinginascendent
    Jan 02, 2015 @ 15:19:49

    I always look at the outliers in any endeavour. To me, I never considered sending manuscripts to my agent as an act of courage, just something I needed to do to get to the point where I felt I was fulfilling my purpose. I’ve got a short story in an anthology coming out this year, two manuscripts are with the agent and I’m halfway through the first draft of a third.

    MJ, let no one stop you from getting what you want. You only fail if you quit. You’re not a dilletante, like me, you’re working a day job and the writing feeds the dream of writing. We have had the illusions kicked out of us, but the difference is we still get up and keep throwing punches.

    I see your determination and raise it. 🙂


  2. speckofawesome
    Jan 02, 2015 @ 15:40:48

    I could’ve written this post (minus the printer portion). 🙂 Here’s to a super aggressive shopping year for 2015! They say it’s more brute force determination and ambition that’ll get you published than luck or even skill.


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