Unbroken Binding


I always feel bad when I see the clearance bin at the bookstore.  Do any of us think we’ll end up there? The manuscript we brought forth after hard labor reduced to a fraction of its worth?  Why do we do it? Why do we work so hard on something that may never even have a shelf life?

I found one of my favorite books from childhood on Amazon a few months ago. “How to Make Flibbers” by Robert Lopshire was published in 1964. It’s full of fun things to make out of stuff that’s just lying around the house. We had so much fun with that book. We made flibbers out of newspaper, hairclips out of clothespins, whirligigs, paper lanterns, finger puppets, and birdhouses.  We grew miniature “trees” out of carrot tops and leafy plants out of potatoes.

The sad thing is that the 1964 copy I found looks brand new.  The binding isn’t even broken. This book and all the magic it contains sat on someone’s shelf for 50 years, untouched and unexplored.  How is that possible?

We used to receive a new book every month through some book of the month club.  When a new book arrived, we couldn’t wait to open it. Books were the one luxury we had, and we appreciated each one.

“How to Make Flibbers” didn’t land in the bargain bin. Someone paid for it and gave it to a child. Full price paid for fun that would never be had.

Unpublished is bad.  Unsold is bad.  But unread is far worse.



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  1. mlrover
    Feb 10, 2015 @ 10:15:32

    Like a forgotten child, untouched and unloved. Let’s pretend it’s a spare copy to preseve and cherish, because its mate was used to tatters. I have some duplicates for that reason.


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