The Happiness Question

“In happiness you must create.”

from For Writer’s Only, by Sophy Burnham

Writing is easiest for me during those times when I’m not faced with a major personal crisis. The “write-no-matter-what” crowd always made me feel guilty about putting my pen down when my emotions were pulled elsewhere by financial worries, illness, or family problems. I’m not talking about the everyday stuff. We all have that. I’m talking about the gut-wrenching stuff that keeps you awake at night and invades what little sleep you get. I’ve had a lot of that over the last few years. But there have been periods of relative calm that have allowed me to unhook the logical half of my brain and get some writing done. Sometimes that has meant letting go of my grasp on someone else’s problem and realizing it isn’t mine to solve. As a mother, that’s a tough thing to do.

Happiness is something that always seems to be off in the distance, something just out of reach. Maybe happiness isn’t the right word. Peace. Calm. During those times, as Ms. Burnham says, we create. We write, paint, and dance. It isn’t just that the process is easier then; it’s necessary. Singing a happy song when you’re down is the psychological equivalent of whistling past a graveyard. It lacks authenticity.  When we’re sad, if we sing at all, we sing the blues. But good news or a beautiful day demands creative outlet, like those moments when you can feel God standing next to you and all you can do is worship.

In the dark, icy grasp of winter, in the midst of troubles present and those looming on the horizon, happiness and creativity behave as fugitives. Weary of the chase, we drop our weapons for a while. Spring will come and fresh tracks will appear in the wet earth. Happiness will grow careless about its disguise and we will pick up the trail once again.


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  1. kinginascent
    Feb 18, 2015 @ 15:50:14

    I don’t trust inspiration or mood, I just grit my teeth on the bad days and then suffer walking away feeling like I could do more on the good ones. It’s not easy though especially if you’ve got commitments, especially kids so I’m always kind to people about it. I can relate but I only know what works for me.


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