Black Cats and Good Luck


Wow. Two months since my last entry. Sorry, but things got worse instead of better. Long story.

Anyway, that little guy up there is Ben Wade. He’s about six weeks old. I rescued him from the crawl space under my neighbor’s house. His mother apparently abandoned him. He’s so small he didn’t have the body weight to trigger the live trap the nice people at animal control brought over. He went to and from the trap to eat for days without setting it off. After six days of this, I decided to use trickery and deceit to win the day.  I baited the trap as usual but put an old towel over the trap so the kitten couldn’t see out while he was eating.  I waited for him to enter the trap, then snuck around and closed the door.

Boy, was he pissed.

Why Ben Wade? That’s the name of Russell Crowe’s outlaw character in “3:10 to Yuma”. Ben Wade was very hard to catch and even harder to keep in custody. He wore a black hat, of course.  The name seemed to fit my new friend.

Since my beloved Gandalf had passed away in March, I decided to keep Ben. We’re both pretty happy with the situation. Vet says Ben is healthy, aside from some parasites and a massive flea infestation, both of which are being treated. He has all the spunk and mischievousness I appreciate in cats, and he purrs every time I come near him.

He likes to sleep on that cushion on the floor next to my desk, so it looks like I’ll have a writing companion.  This is fitting, since it was after watching “3:10 to Yuma” that I got the idea for my story “The Cow Tipping Kangaroo of Kangaroo Valley” (under Stories for Children).

So say hello to my new muse.