The Frustration Mounts

Getting a book self-published on Amazon is pretty easy and you can order a proof that lets you hold a physical copy of your book on actual paper and see how it looks. After ordering my first proof of Winthrop Risk, Detective, I realized the font I had chosen was too small and faint, so I resubmitted it in a different font and ordered a new proof. The second time around, the proof looked good and I put it up for sale on Amazon.

Then there’s Kindle.  I dutifully uploaded the book file, which they were then supposed to convert to be readable on a Kindle device. Unfortunately, what you submit as a Word document comes out a little messed up on Kindle. Some of the page breaks were bad, some of the paragraph spacing was wrong, and sometimes there were gaps in sentences that didn’t belong there.  After about an hour of trying to comprehend what they meant by formatting a Word document as an html whatever, I pulled the book from Kindle. I can’t fix the formatting and I don’t want the book to be published in a medium that makes it look slapped together. So my apologies, but the book will only be available as an actual physical book for the foreseeable future.


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