I’m Hiding My Blog

My friends and family (with the exception of my very supportive husband) don’t know I have a blog.  Most don’t even know I write stories and want to be published.  We have a long tradition in my family of being as unsupportive of one another as possible.  Sad, I know.  I put a story up on my Facebook page a while back and left it there for a few weeks.  I got one “like” from a cousin, but nobody else bothered to read or comment on it.  I should’ve known better, I guess.  I actually dread what they would say in the comment section of this blog if they knew it existed.  Makes me very grateful for those of you who follow here and hit “like”.  For my part, I’m reading as many blogs as I can, though their number sometimes overwhelms me.  So much to choose from.

I’m puzzled by the motivation of people who consistently tear other people down.  Is it jealousy?  Is it because we have the guts to stick our necks out and pursue our dream and they don’t?  Are they afraid we might actually succeed?  Maybe they think their harsh words serve as a reality check, intended to prevent us from going too far with this writing thing and getting knocked on our asses.  Do they think they’re doing us a favor?

I have a very simple way of dealing with people who want to sow destruction and discouragement into my life.  I simply limit my contact with them or cut it off entirely if the situation is bad enough.  Creativity is a delicate thing.  It’s most easily crushed by those closest to us.  Sometimes what they offer is not an honest critique but an emotional response based on our relationship with them.  Recognize that.  I think we sometimes confuse the two and end up with an unfair and unrealistic assessment of our work.  It takes time to recover from something like that, time that would be better spent writing.

What has been your experience when sharing your work with family and close friends?  Do you face derision from them or do you get encouragement?  Are they too supportive, afraid to give you anything but praise?  How do you handle it?