It’s Been A Weird Week


That’s Van Dyke Avenue in Warren, Michigan. My house is a few miles down the road. As you can see, the weather unexpectedly turned ugly and we got a little rain. It took my husband six hours to make the eight mile trip home from work. We’re not in a flood plain. There was little wind and just a few rumbles of thunder. Weirdest storm I’ve ever seen.  I now know what it means when people says the sky opened up. Growing up in New York I saw the tail end of a few hurricanes, but nothing like the roughly six inches of rain that fell here in about two hours. My younger son did some damage to his car trying to get home and both of our basements took on a little water, but nothing a Shop Vac can’t handle. Many of our neighbors were not so lucky and are finding out that their homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover them for this type of damage. You might want to read your policy.

My older son just started a new job on the night shift but temporarily lacks the transportation to make the 30-45 minute drive, so yours truly has been getting up at 4 am every day to pick him up, dropping him off again about 12 hours later. Michigan’s public transportation system is basically a joke, so no help there.  Hopefully, this will all change in a week or two.

On the plus side, my younger son was just approved for a mortgage and will be closing on his house this week. The crisis I feared has been averted.

I suppose it would be unnecessary for me to say I’m exhausted, but I’M EXHAUSTED!  I didn’t get any writing done this past week; and although I’ll be making a valiant effort today, I don’t know how much I’ll get done before I nod off.  I won’t make my writing group meeting this week either.  I’ve been a nonwriting writer all week and I hate that.  But like the bumper sticker says, “Shit happens.” 

I have so many flood images floating around in my sleep-deprived brain. Maybe there’s a story in there.